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Laizhou Metallographic Test Equipment Co., Ltd covers the entire range of equipments and consumables for metallography and hardness tester, from uncomplicated, manual machines to sophisticated, computerized preparation solutions.

We continued to update the old products, in 2004 in the testing machine industry first introduced hardness test equipment patented product HBS-3000 digital Brinell hardness tester, HBD-3000 electric Brinell hardness tester, HB-3000B Type Brinell hardness tester to fill the domestic blank, HB-3000B new Brinell hardness, shape and internal structure of the domestic initiative to meet the needs of users, to win the trust of users, forming a huge market network. Products are widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical, electricity, tertiary institutions, scientific research units, and in accordance with user needs to undertake large-scale metallurgical enterprises design, development, manufacturing online test equipment.

Company Aim: Survive by Quality, Develop with Technology, Credit First, Service in Place.

Shandong Province, China
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