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PBQ-200 Metallographic Plate Precision Cutting Machine
PBQ-200 Metallographic Plate Precision Cutting Machine
PBQ-200 Metallographic Plate Precision Cutting Machine PBQ-200 Metallographic Plate Precision Cutting Machine PBQ-200 Metallographic Plate Precision Cutting Machine

PBQ-200 Metallographic Plate Precision Cutting Machine

PBQ-200 Metallographic Plate Precision Cutting Machine

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Product Feature

The PBQ-200 metallographic precision flat cutting machine is suitable for cutting samples of semiconductors, crystals, circuit boards, fasteners, metal materials, rocks and ceramics. The machine body is smooth, spacious and generous, providing a good working platform. And adopts high torque and high power servo motor and stepless variable speed control system, which has high efficiency and stability. Good visibility and cutting ability minimize the difficulty of operation and are easy to use. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a variety of different fixtures, which can cut irregularly shaped workpieces. It is a high-quality precision cutting machine suitable for scientific research institutions and enterprises.


PBQ-200 metallographic precision flat cutting machine is a flat cutting machine developed for flat design.
The equipment has a large transparent protective cutting chamber, which can visually observe the cutting process.
Electronic touch screen, adjust and control high-precision spindle, rotation speed and spindle cutting movement speed and cutting distance, easier to use, easier to operate, with automatic cutting function, reduce operator fatigue, and ensure the consistency of sample cutting machine It is an ideal equipment for enterprises and research institutes to prepare high-quality samples.

Main Technical Parameter

Name PBQ-200 plate cutting machine
Y axle range 200mm
Cutting method straight line, pulse
Diamond cutting wheel(mm) Φ200×0.9×32mm
Spindle rotation speed(rpm) 500-3000,can be customized
Automatic cutting speed 0.01-3mm/s
Manual cutting speed 0.01-15mm/s
Impact cutting speed 0.1-2mm/s
Max. cutting thickness 40mm
Max. clamping length of table 585mm
Max. clamping width of table 200mm
Screen display 5 inch all in one touch screen control machine
Usage date 10 Varieties available
Worktable size(W×D,mm) 500×585
Power 600W
Voltage supply Single phase  220V, 50Hz
Dimension of machine 660×700×400mm
Operation instructions and precautions

1. This equipment can complete automatic cutting. Before cutting, please set appropriate parameters according to the material being cut.
2. Be sure to close the warehouse door before starting. If it is not closed, the system prompts that the warehouse door is open, please close the warehouse door. During the cutting process, if the hatch is opened, the machine will stop cutting. If you want to continue cutting, close the door and press the start button. First, the water pump is running, and you can see that the water pump running indicator lights up, and then the spindle is running, and the spindle speed indicates The lamp lights up, and finally the forward indicator lights up, and the cutting operation is in progress. For safety reasons, it is recommended that you try not to open the door during machine cutting.
3. After cutting, the machine will automatically retract the knife and return to the original starting point. If the stop button is pressed during the cutting process, the machine enters the retract state and a message prompts ‘stop exit’. To ensure safety, do not open the door during the retracting process.
4. If you need to replace the saw blade, for safety, please press the emergency stop button or turn off the main power switch and wait for a while. After the replacement, release the emergency stop or switch on the main power supply.
5. The system's overload or saw clamp alarm may be caused by the following reasons:
(1) The cutting saw blade is not suitable for this cutting material, and the cutting saw blade should be replaced at this time.
(2) The cutting speed is too fast, and the cutting speed should be reduced at this time.
(3) This cutting material is not suitable for this cutting machine.


Name  QTY Name QTY
Open-end Wrench 17-19 1 ea. cooling sytstem(include water tank、water pump) 1 set
Adjustable Wrench 0-200mm 1 pc water inlet/outlet pipe 1 ea.
Cutting wheel(Φ200mm Diamond material) 1 pc pipe clamp 4 pcs
Allen wrench 5mm 1 pc power cord 3*1.5 1

Packing List

Name  Specification Quantity   
Main machine PBQ-200 1
User manual 1
Product certificate 1
Packing list 1
Cutting wheel 200*0.9*32mm 1
Wrench 1
Wrench 1
Allen wrench 1

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