grinding and polishing machine
LMP-4SC Metallographic grinding and polishing  machine
LMP-4SC Metallographic grinding and polishing machine
LMP-4SC Metallographic grinding and polishing  machine

LMP-4SC Metallographic grinding and polishing  machine

LMP-4SC Metallographic grinding and polishing machine

Details :

Metallographic specimen grinding polishing machine 

LMP-4SCThe LMP-4SC automatic grinding and polishing machine is a double-disk desktop machine, which is an integrated machine of central force pressure and single point pressure. It is a new generation of high-precision, automated sample preparation process manufactured in accordance with international standards and using international advanced technology. Grinding and polishing equipment. It has functions such as the rotation direction of the grinding and polishing plate can be selected arbitrarily, the grinding and polishing plate can be quickly replaced; the multi-sample clamp tester and the pneumatic single-point loading function. The machine adopts an advanced microprocessor control system, which makes the rotation speed of the grinding and polishing disk and the grinding and polishing head steplessly adjustable, and the sample preparation pressure and time setting are intuitive and convenient. Just replace the polishing disc or sandpaper and fabric to complete

Operation of grinding and polishing process. As a result, the machine exhibits a wider range of applicability. It has the characteristics of stable rotation, safety and reliability, low noise and the use of cast aluminum base to increase the rigidity of grinding and polishing.

This machine is equipped with a water cooling device, which can cool the sample during grinding to prevent damage to the metallographic structure due to overheating of the sample and to flush away the abrasive particles at any time; it is also equipped with a glass fiber reinforced plastic shell and stainless steel standard parts. The upper surface is more beautiful and generous, and has improved anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance and is easy to clean. Automatic function of cooling the polishing disc with water supply.Automatic adjustment and supply of water to the polishing pad using a solenoid valve without operator intervention.

It is suitable for automatic sample preparation from rough grinding, fine grinding, rough polishing to fine polishing of metallographic samples. It is an ideal sample preparation equipment for enterprises, research institutes and laboratories of universities and colleges.

Main technical parameter:
Disc diameter:φ250mm(customized φ230mm、φ300mm)
Disc rotation speed:50-1000 r/min(variable speed )and 300 / 600 / 900 r/min(3 fixed speed), step 1r/min
Motor quantity: double disc single control with one motor, double disc are controlled with two motors
Display: LCD touch screen control on the polishing head
Data storage: Preset program, and can save other settings
Disc rotation direction:Clockwise and counter clockwise
Water supply control: Automatic 
Polishing head rotation speed :5-150 r/min(variable speed),step 1r/min
Number of samples prepared:6pcs
Fix paper, cloths and diamond discs by magnetic system and ring
Sample diameter:factory standard φ30mm(diameter φ22-φ45mm can be customized)
Pressure loading: Individual and central pressure loading
Individual and centrol pressure force, adjustable force of at

least 5-400N  step 1N

Sampling time:0-3000 S
USB - for software updates and for connecting a flash card.
Connector for remote connection and service.
Input voltage:single-phase AC220V 50Hz
Total power:900W
Net weight:90KG
Gross weight:120KG 

Four channels are set separately and work at the same time
Connect with the polishing machine, and drop liquid according to the polishing parameters set by the polishing machine
Three working modes: Manual/Online/Fully automatic
Each mode can be set independently: dripping speed, drippingtime
Instillation speed: about 6 drops/minute-280 drops/minute
Maximum flow rate: 18 ml/min
Speed adjustment: stepless speed adjustment, from 6 drops/minute to 280 drops/minute  
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