grinding and polishing machine
LMP-3 grinding and polishing machine
LMP-3 grinding and polishing machine
LMP-3 grinding and polishing machine

LMP-3 grinding and polishing machine

Name:LMP-3 grinding and polishing machine
Details :

Feature and Application:

LMP-3 is a single-disc desktop machine. It is a new generation of high-precision, sample-preparation process automation grinding and polishing equipment made by international advanced technology according to international standards.

It has the functions of arbitrary rotation direction of grinding parabolic disc, fast replacement of grinding parabolic disc, multi-sample tester and pneumatic single-point loading. This machine adopts advanced microprocessor control system, which makes the grinding and polishing disc, the rotation speed of the grinding and polishing head realize the stepless adjustment. The sample preparation pressure, the time setting are intuitive and convenient. It is necessary to change the grinding disc or sandpaper and fabric to complete the grinding and polishing process. This allows the machine to exhibit a wider range of applications. It has the characteristics of stable rotation, safety and reliability, low noise and the use of cast aluminum base to increase the rigidity of grinding and polishing.





Grinding & Polishing disc diameter


Sample Quantity


Control mode

Single disk / Dual control

Grinding and polishing disc rotation speed

400/600/800/1000r/min(four-stage fixed speed) 50-1000r/minvariable speeds(Can be customized)

Polishing head rotation speed

5-150 R/Min (variable speeds)

Loading range

5-60N individual pressure loading

Sample preparation time


Dia. Of samples

φ30mm(φ22mm, φ45 customized)

Motor voltage


Machine Power


Machine colour


Machine size




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