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ZXQ -50S
ZXQ -50S
ZXQ -50S

ZXQ -50S

Name:ZXQ -50S
Details : The specimen inlaying machine is intended to allow those specimens of shape or size that are not fit to be mosaiced to meet subsequent sample preparation steps to obtain the required detection plane. In modern metallographic laboratories, semi-automatic or automatic grinding / polishing machines are widely used in the specification of the size of the specimen. In order to meet this requirement, the specimen must be mosaiced so that the mosaic machine has become one of the equipment of metallographic laboratory.

This machine belongs to the automatic metallographic specimen inlaying machine, has the function of access water cooling, suitable for all materials (thermosetting and thermoplastic) heat mosaic, set the heating temperature, holding time, apply force and other mosaic parameters, put in side specimen and inlay, cover the gland, press the work button, can automatically complete the mosaic work, no need operator stand by the machine. According to different requirements of the sample arbitrarily choose to replace the four kinds of specifications of the mold, can also suppress two samples, the preparation capacity has doubled.

Technical Parameters

mold specification


Power Supply

220V 50HZ

Max. Power Consumption


Temperature Setting Range


Holding Time Setting Range






Cooling Method

Water cooling

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